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Is a Swedish leather bag and accessory brand. We believe in the essence of Scandinavian chicness and elegance, which derives from simplicity, authenticity, timeless design and craftsmanship.

Our mission is to make beautiful handbags with elements of functionality and elegance. Surpassing the latest trends. Our passion springs from New York in the 60s, where during her childhood our founder, Ulrika Bolinder, developed a love for handbags.

The pulse of New York is at the core of Bolinder Stockholm, the tempo of the city along with diversity, impressions and the buzzing ambience. The hard-working people captivated by elegance and style. Providing for a fashionable inspiration. Our bags and accessories embody an essence of everyday business, evening chic and extravagant glamour.

The style of Bolinder Stockholm is a timeless result of all the above, developed by Ulrika Bolinder and her passion for quality made handbags, in the sense of everyday elegance.

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Sofia Tote Grey Sofia Tote Grey

Sofia Tote Grey

$660.00 USD
Travelbag Brown Travelbag Brown

Travelbag Brown

$890.00 USD
Tote Burgundy Tote Burgundy

Tote Burgundy

$765.00 USD
Disco Green Disco Green

Disco Green

$440.00 USD
Dinner Brown Dinner Brown

Dinner Brown

$765.00 USD


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Upper East Side marries Swedish Grace in Bolinder Stockholm, the essence of understated chic.

Handcrafted, in a true labor of love, using fine nappa leather and superb artisanal craftsmanship, these wearable pieces of art blend contemporary functionality with an innovative yet timeless design.

Ulrika's mother, Monica Ekman, was an Eileen Ford 'It' girl, a genuine, Pucci-clad, Swedish blonde, with an apartment on the Upper East Side, who personified easy Scandinavian everyday elegance and the American dream. A true inspiration.

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