Jet Set Tote Black


$340.00 USD

The Jet Set Tote bag in sandcastle beige organic cotton and charcoal black leather.

The Jet Set Tote has a detachable zipper pouch and a soft leather handle because the best everyday bags should suit your lifestyle.

  • 1x Key strap in leather (18cm)
  • 1x Magnet for closing
  • H: 31cm L: 41cm D:18cm
  • 1x detachable zipper pouch
  • H: 15,5cm L: 24cm D: 0,5cm

In the late 1950s, the rise of commercial jet travel ushered in a glamorous era for the international elite, inspiring the creation of The Jet Set Tote Bag, designed for those jetting between luxurious destinations, a far cry from today’s crowded flights.

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