The Elegance of Rome

The City of Rome has so many layers of history that you can't even count. A visit to the city is giving so many impressions. You can feel the pulse of every city as you travel. Rome is however special.  In Rome, you can both see the trace of the Roman Empire, the pike of the Catholic Church from the 16th Century and the architectural epoch of the 1930ies. Among many traces the history has given the city.

Walking around among the tourists at Piazza del Popolo (People Square) gives you hints of how it was at the spot 2000 years ago. Or 500 years ago. Sure, you could not hear the Street musicians play their versions of Hotel California back then, but you can feel the impressions, the sounds, and the crowd gathering. This historical perspective in Rome can never be erased. It's in the DNA of the City. Every new building project in the City is made more difficult due to the necessary (?) regards you need to take to the historical aspects of saving the memories. It's both a treasure and an obstacle. 

Just walking in a city in every city is part of the Joy of travel. In Rome, it's even more so. We spent a weekend in Rome with the objective of playing tennis. Tennis is a sport of elegance. At the club Circolo Canottierii Roma, the dress code is white. The club in the Center of Rome combines canoeing with tennis. Its beautifully located by the bay of Tibern makes it very special. It has just celebrated its millennia 1919-2019. Among the members, mostly gentlemen in their late 60ies the feel of a time that has passed in so many other places is kept as a treasure. Here the time has been standing still in many senses. But with an air of elegance. With pride. And with Style. 

The courts are in perfect shape when we arrive at the beginning of October. A group of twelve tennis savvy Swedes from KLTK in Stockholm is to meet some counter players from the Circolo Club. It turns out to be a perfect weekend. The weather is perfect. Courts are perfect. The play was great and the company from the host excellent. And left to the outdoor courts only; the weather was blue sky and 25 C which could not have been better. On the day for departure after the weekend, rain poured down heavily... 

The Roman consider themselves to be Romans. Not Italians or Europeans first. They are Romans. Period. Apart from Milanese or Napoli. The pride is not to be confused with nationalism. It's the heritage. It's just there. Every trip to a new place is more valuable if you have the chance to meet with the locals. Rome is no exception. It was a privilege to play at the lovely Circolo Canottieri Roma. I hope I will travel there again. Soon! I will bring a better backhand and a better forehand. And hopefully will play the gentleman of Sergio again. And get a rematch!

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