Paulina shows Bolinder Stockholm's practical bags

One of Sweden's most appreciated blogger shoes, Förvaringsdrottningen, Paulina Draganja has stuck to Bolinder Stockholm's leather bags and made a nice blog post with video. She is a good friend of order and has understood that elegance presupposes that you keep order and order in order to simplify your life in all aspects. Not least in a handbag.

The work and thought that we at Bolinder & Stockholm put into making the bags both look good and at the same time be the market's leading handbags in the practical sense is fun to get noticed. Being practical is otherwise something that can get a stamp of being boring. However, most women who come into our stores really appreciate this aspect. The combination of being pleasing to the eye and functioning in everyday life.

In our concept Everyday Elegance therefore falls practically as a central part of our DNA and our heritage. We love e.g. that they stand up with their paws and do not fall down like a house of cards. We love that our bags from Bolinder Stockholm can be carried in handles and have shoulder straps. How do you keep a purse in order? Why not see the expert Paulina's video blog, vblog in the link here

As Paulina writes in her article:


We start with the actual storage then. There are lots of handbags out there. It is easy to focus on the outside. And of course you should have a nice bag. But the inside is at least as important, so do not compromise on it. Just as you need to divide larger drawers into smaller drawers, you need to divide your handbag into smaller units. Then it's great if the handbag itself offers these possibilities.

A functional bag should have side compartments, and you need more than one. In these compartments you can then put the things that you often need to access and which should therefore have their own place in the side compartments. In my side pockets I have lipstick & lip balm, my mobile and my subway card. I need to access these three things quickly and frequently and I do not want to spend time looking for them. They also each have their own compartment for several reasons. Among other things, because on some occasions I actually lost my subway card when I kept it in the same compartment as my mobile phone."

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