Why the crossbodybag can be as elegant as it is practical

Everyday elegance and practical fits perfectly together

The history of the bags shows many different kinds of bag models. Throughout the years the bags have changed a lot. They have developed, reshaped and grew into popular accessories that one woman cannot live without. Its necessity comes from the need to keep the belongings together and from a fashionable point of view, it adds to the personal style and fashion sense. One particular type of bag that is experiencing a boom over the last few years is the crossbody bag. Also known as the messenger bag this is one of the trendiest and most popular bags now in the accessories department. 

Short history of the crossbody bag

The first time the crossbody bag appeared and was mentioned was back in early modern Europe. Both men and women needed something to carry their coins as they went to work, traveled or migrated from the village to the city and backward. The place they carried their coins was the crossbody bag, at that time made of some fabric or leather. Later, in the 17th century, the use of this crossbody bag became so big that some girls were thought how to do embroidery on them and make them more beautiful for everyday use. This special skill resulted in some beautiful designs that will later grow in a very big fashion trend.

By the end of the 18th century, the standard crossbody bag entered the phase of European fashion change when the bag got a new shape. It was a slender one. The main inspiration for this change comes directly from the past times, ancient Greece and Rome. Women, there were more elegant and did not wear very big bags that were filled with everything. They were sleeker and better looking. That transferred into modern fashion manufacturing. The idea was to bring back that ancient line with some new and fresh shape.

The first type of the updated crossbody bags appeared in France and they were called reticules. After France, their popularity transferred across the pond in England. There, they got a new name and became known as indispensables. These new bags were made of soft and beautiful fabric such as silk and velvet and they needed to be shown. Since the crossbody is made and worn with handles, these soft fabrics were perfect for it. Then, the entire bag along with the handles was made out of the same fabric. From that moment on, the crossbody bag became only a women's bag and men completely abandoned it. 

The popularity of the crossbody bag

Form the historical use of keeping coins, its use transferred to a utility bag. These bags were used by men in different professions: soldiers, fishermen, lumberjacks. This utility bag came with one long strap that was worn across the body, hanging from one shoulder over to the other side. Later, they became even more popular and suitable for mail transportation and a signature accessory for messengers. Back in the time, the royal mail was carried in large crossbody bags and those were the base upon which the later postbags were created. Many years later, the crossbody bag was also known as a messenger bag and still is. 

The crossbody bag today

The crossbody bag is one of the most useful bag accessories around the world. It is still worn with one very practical longer strap. It keeps the hands of the one who is wearing it free and the access to it is much easier than from some other bag. It's shifting from side to side is very easy and makes walking very easy. The crossbody bag today is a fashionable accessory. The most famous and luxurious fashion brands are offering different kinds of crossbody bags. Functionality and the practicality of this bag have proven to be on the highest level. It is much safer than other bags because it is worn right by the side or at the front so all the belongings are safe upfront. 

Elegance, styling, and practicality 

The crossbody bag today has become a go-to bag for both women and men. Its simplicity yet elegance makes it a suitable accessory for both day and night. As it comes in different sizes, shapes, and lengths of the strap, the crossbody bag has grown into a piece that is a must-have accessory for any woman. From a fashion point of view, the evolution of the crossbody bag has come far and it has quite an upgrade from its original form. But what is significant to mention is that the real crossbody never changed much in size.

As it was considered to carry only coins, the fashion industry is focusing on making these bags small. They are just enough to store the belongings such as wallet, phone, keys, and a lipstick. The color palette also changed much, including various colors as well as fabrics and patterns. The strap also comes in different looks, and the most popular is the chain one, inspired by the iconic Chanel purse. The details and additions to these bags are what make them even more attractive. Embellishments, buttons, zippers, tassels, embroidery and many more details add to the beauty of the crossbody bag. 

From here on, its practical use is more than evident. Why carry a big and heavy bag when you can have your hands free? Alongside this, the things are within the reach and they are safe. Shifting it forward or at the back is another pretty convenient practicality. Its lightness is perfect for traveling, packing, riding a bike or driving a scooter. Moms with kid’s strollers especially love this kind of bag because it allows their hand to be free for the handles of the stroller. All in all, carrying a crossbody is easy, practical and elegant.

For those who were looking for an excuse to go shopping, the upcoming holidays are just the right time to get stocked up on several different crossbody bags. They are a fashion investment that never goes out of style. 


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