My way of dealing with life from home in these special times

My way of dealing with life in these special times is keeping up the routines.

Starting the day like always- a good breakfast, make the bed, take my shower and get dressed. Dress like it’s daytime. High heels might be overdoing if staying at home but no pj’s excepted.

Keep doing work on work hours. Eat when lunchtime. Not in between just because of your closer to the fridge. More time to fill than usual? Do the things you need to but never take the time to.

  • go through the shoes and put shoetrees if possible before polishing them. Keeps them in better shape for a longer time.
  • take your outerwear and air it outside if possible.
  • tidy your workplace
  • clean out a messy cupboard
  • bake some bread

Cupboard claning

Like new!

I need my exercise on an everyday base to stay focused but I’ve changed it due to circumstances. Now it’s Power walking and almost daily tennis with my husband. I just did some running the other day. First in about six months so that was everything but a walk in the park;-)

Love flowers at home!

My home office.

We have to keep our heads up and stay dignified with everyday elegance. And don’t forget that a walk outside in nature is both refreshing, good for you, free and safe.

Stay safe, folks!