My love of New York

I believe my love for New York starts earlier than I understand myself. Let me explain.

My parents and I moved there because my mother signed a contract with the first so-called model mother, Eileen Ford, Ford Models Agency.

I was just a toddler when we moved, but ever since then, New York has been in my veins. The positive energy and the feeling of being in the centre of everything were embraced naturally by both my parents.

So it affects the tone of their voices and their vibes. They loved it, and that affected me.

We moved back to Stockholm after some years, but that specific feeling never left. Today it’s still the number one place I’ll go to. Any time of the year.

The atmosphere of a ceiling being higher than usual and though there are so many people on such a small area, I’m talking about Manhattan specifically, everyone is genuinely polite.

Muffin break on Madison Ave

Nowhere else do I find meeting new people so easy. Whenever you sit in a restaurant, you will most likely start talking with your neighbours sitting close to you. Making and be giving positive comments on the street is also standard. Helping each other on the Subway - of course!

And New York has Central Park. Beautiful Central Park. A big and beautiful, totally planted park for everyone to enjoy. And everyone does. Family’s and lovers have picnics, so many runs and there are so many people walking their dogs. It’s really alive

I always want to start the morning by running in CP. Best start of the day!

Enjoying breakfast at Sarabeth’s the first day in NY is another speciality.
The one close to Central Park probably. Best breakfast. A classic.

Another thing which makes me love NY is the always extended culture life. There are always excellent exhibits. MoMa being the favourite museum together with the Metropolitan Museum. My top fashion exhibits where at Mets. “China, through the looking glass” and “Schiaparelli and Prada- Impossible Conversations.


Well curated. Beautiful as well as intellectual.

And why not check for last minute tickets at The Metropolitan Opera house. NY is big on modern ballet.

I won’t forget to live music. An evening at Red Rooster, the restaurant in Harlem owned by Marcus Samuelsson? Close, tight and warm in every way!

So much New York.


My beloved husband and partner in crimes and travel!