The elegance of the Hermes scarves

A scarf is the perfect accesory to a Leather Bag

The high and luxurious fashion has one name – and one name only - Hermes. On top of the list, this French fashion brand comes with a long and proven history of quality, uniqueness, and luxury that no other brand can match. The creativity in the designing process, as well as the quality of the manufactured accessories, have made Hermes the brand it is today and only the ultra-rich can enjoy it. And that is totally justified. This article is about the Queen of Scarve. 

The first association with the name of this brand comes with the Birkin bags and the unique Hermes scarves. The Birkin bag is something that not many people can afford. With the long waiting lists, the brand has established a pattern that says that those who appreciate this brand are willing to wait for their Birkin. And it comes with a high price – 6 figure number to be exact. It is also believed that the Birkin bag is an investment, that over time, only increases in value. Another very distinctive piece that immediately connects to this brand is the Hermes scarf. The uniqueness of the silk colors and the pattern is something that is signature for this brand. 

Hermes Scarf history

Hermes is a fashion luxury goods manufacturer that was founded back in 1837. Exactly after 100 years, the brand introduced the first iconic silk scarf that will later grow into an expensive accessory and signature piece that has been present in fashion history since the day it appeared. The first Hermes silk scarf was made on rare Chinese silk and a design that was based on a woodblock drawing. This drawing came from a member of the Hermes family. The first public appearance and introduction to the fashion world this scarf had it in 1937 and that was the moment in history that changed the entire perspective of how the world looked at scarves. Since then, the Hermes scarf became a synonym for a durable and fashionable accessory, mainly because of the process of its making – almost 18 months. With all that time needed for the production, it is more than understandable that its price will be extra high. 

The elegance of the Hermes scarF

The elegance of the Hermes scarves is undeniable. From the first touch, the softness and luxurious feeling of the skin take over the senses and alert for unique beauty. The iconic Hermes scarf is always present as part of the brand and it changes accordingly with the seasons. Each new season brings new inspiration, color palette, and patterns that come into the Hermes's portfolio of scarves. The particular elegance correlates with the hand-made design done by the artists who do all the creation themselves. The original motif of the scarves is always based on the horse motif with own particular illustrations. After that comes the frame, always present and matching to the story of the scarf. Every scarf tells a new story. It can be inspired by any city in the world, done in the most vivid and bold colors and send a different message. Whether it is tied on the neck while sipping cocktails on the French Riviera, or tied on the hair resembling a bow as part of some equestrian event, this is the scarf that elevates any look and appearance on a new, higher level.

 As part of the women’s accessory, the latest fashion trends present the scarves as an addition to the bags. In this case, the Hermes scarf is the perfect choice for the Bolinder Stockholm bags. Its positions can vary according to personal preference. It can be wrapped on the handles of the Soho Tote bag for a full trendy look, on a Canvas tote bag for stylish color pop, or a Business one for bringing some playfulness in the work outfit. 

The combination of a Hermes scarf and a Bolinder bag is a winning fashion combination. Both the pieces wonderfully accompany themselves and bring out the elegance without over-shining one another. 

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