The Bolinder Business Bag

The Bolinder Business Bag is the perfect combination of a timeless looking bag with an interior that will keep your things nicely organized. The classic style and goIts created to be working to be worn from Office hours enjoying a long lunch with your best friends all the way to be the perfect companion in your hand or on your shoulder during the Evening Cocktail or party with friends. It is big enough to fit your necessary things as a woman daytime and yet elegant enough to keep them wrapped in the elegance of the significant Manhattan Square pattern after work.

With the lid to protect your secrets from a view and a magnetic button to make it look sharp. If you looking for a light evening bag, Bolinder Stockholm has plenty of options. We would recommend the classic Grace Collection of Bolinder Stockholm Leather Bags. The Business Leather Bag with 9 squares, Bolinder Stockholm the Dinner Leather Bag with 7 squares or the cutest - the Bolinder Stockholm Cocktail with 5 squares. Originally called Monica 9, Monica 7 and Monica 5 during the many years of craftsmanship that drafted the Bolinder Brand Significance. The Lid comes in many colors and the bag body as well. The classic basic colors are Charcoal Black, Lady Grey, and Ivory White. The Beauty of the leather bags goes hand in hand with all practical aspects as part of the elegant mission from Ulrika. All details are created with the ambition to keep your things well organized for your daily activities. Your smartphone device shall fit and be easy to find and easy to store safely. Your keys are easy to find after a stressed day with a key strap. The inside interior of the leather bags of Bolinder Stockholm is made with as much passion and love as the outside exterior because it matters. The soft leather on the inside in Magenta color match the hand-sewn calf leather on the outside. Because of all details matter.

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