My wardrobe in the World of Elegance

Since I live in Sweden with lots of weathers, it means lots of clothes to match the daily forecast.

So I make changes in my wardrobe during the year. When the chills creeping in I sort out the light summer clothes and move the darker colors and the warmer garments. Doing this at least once every season keeps the wardrobe fresh. Since I live in a house I’m fortunate to have space on the highest floor to store season clothes. While changing I check what I have and haven’t used past year and give away for charity or leave to a shop that sells second hand. Clothes should be used. If not on me, on someone else.

Great inspiration when it comes to organize is the Swedish site Förvaringsdrottningen. I subscribe to her mail and I get inspired every time she sends her newsletter and I can warmly recommend her books.

To get a well organized wardrobe you need to know what your style is. Meaning what makes you feel both comfortable and good looking.

In my case it means pencil skirts, tees, leather jackets or light down jackets. Clothes I wear on everyday base and just change quality and colors depending of the season. Darker colors in winter, lighter in the summer.
It doesn’t mean I don’t have other clothes as well, it simply means less. Since I know what I like and feel good wearing I don’t spend a lot of time getting dressed.

If you know what you prefer then take action on it. So when you find the favorite trousers or cardigan - buy more than one. Better to have two or more of things you really love and then in different colors maybe. We really don’t change style that much on a longer perspective.

To add a twist to any look - put on a scarf! Easiest way of getting a clean and simple style to pop.

And don’t be afraid of colors in scarfs - be bold! Or wrap it nicely on the handle of your bag. Very chic.

Elegance is a set of tools. Having a well orginized wardrobe is one of them.

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