We have a new family member

Named after the American actor Montgomery Clift


is a mix between Maltese and Coton de tolear.

We did, what a lot of people have done these past months, get a dog - a puppy.

We have been talking about it, or rather I have talked about it the last maybe 3 years my husband says, but just talked.

One reason we didn’t buy one earlier was that we had a cat in the family, Maja - the queen of the house.

And she was not at all interested in anyone outside the family. At all. She ruled.

We loved her dearly, and there was no room for anyone else. Sadly she passed away around Christmas time last year.

- With her gone and dearly missed and the new situation of the world, like a lot of others, the dog issue raised on the agenda.

With a little help from our daughter, who has a dog of her own, the dog market was scrutinized, and a lovely dog was found.

Not too easy these days, since the rest of the world seems to have the same idea. We all want to focus on love and cuddle ourselves out if this mess!

And so we got Monty as a new member of the family. We are enjoying a totally new way of living since our children are all grown up.

Now it’s all cuddling in the morning, fast out to pee in the garden, breakfast with only food for puppy’s, cuddle again and out again before hitting the office.

We made the mistake of giving him tiny bits of our food at the beginning and got to learn from other dog lovers that it’s not a good idea if you want the best for your dog.

Let them eat their food and stay healthy. Longer. So far we’re happy he sleeps all night through since he came, he doesn’t mind travelling a long time in the car.

He accepts us playing tennis without any significant problems. And we keep cuddling everyday-It still is just the beginning but we love him!

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