The history of Frank Sinatra with his special connection to New York and the feeling of Manhattan

For the Story of Bolinder Stockholm, Frank Sinatra has an important role. Not only is he the man with the voice, but he also had a very special connection to New York. In fact, he was the neighbor of Ulrika Bolinder when she was living on Manhattan up on 71st Street on Upper East Side. Ulrika's father met him in the garage where they both had their cars. Ulrika's father had a Golden Mustang Convertible and Frank Sinatra a White Cadillac. This article is about Frank Sinatra's deep connection with Manhattan. Enjoy the Elegance!

“The city that never sleeps” and “The Big Apple" are just some of the names for one of the most popular cities in the world – New York. Who has been to New York knows what we are talking about. The mixture of cultures, people, landmarks and the beautiful history of the city that has it all, come together as creative inspiration for many industries and individuals. One of those individuals who immensely loved this city and wrote and sang a song for it is the famous and unrepeatable Frank Sinatra.

The tunes of "New York, New York" is an emotional and beautiful picture of how one’s love for a city can be described into a melody. The fine combination of jazz and soul come together in one of the best songs of all times. And all that together delivered by the incredible voice and personality of Frank Sinatra. 

 Who is Frank Sinatra?

Frank Sinatra is one of the most popular and influential singers of the 20th century. His name is mentioned both in the music and movie history and he will always be remembered for his extraordinary talent. Born on December 12, 1915, to immigrant parents in New Jersey, Sinatra grew and developed his career in the swing era. His love for the music brought him a bug success. First, he started as a solo artist when he signed his deal with Columbia records. That was back in 1943 when he also became the idol of the "bobby soxers”. Three years later, in 1946, he released his first album named The voice of Frank Sinatra. Around the 1950s, his career was a bit slow and he decided it was the time to go to Las Vegas. There, he got his residence place and became one of the best-known performers, all that as a part of the Rat Pack. In 1953, his career got an upside turn. The success from Here to eternity got him both an Oscar and Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor. By the time he left Capitol in 1960, Sinatra launched several albums, all popular and memorable. That was the time to set his record label and he did just that. Reprise Records was his and he released several albums which led him to the Emmy-winning television special Frank Sinatra: A Man and His Music. The period of 1966 to 1968 was also followed by many collaborations and albums like Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim and Francis A. & Edward K. All that work somehow brought the idea of retirement. Although it was kind of early, Sinatra retired in 1971, but it did not last long. After two years, he came back fresh and full of energy which resulted in the recording of several albums, performances in Caesars Palace and enormous success of the hit "New York, New York" in 1980.   

The connection to New York and Manhattan

Born in New Jersey, Frank Sinatra grew and worked closely influenced by the dynamics of the big city. New York has always been an inspiration for the artists and that inspiration is still present. However, the song “New York, New York” is something that will never be repeated. It is the only one that alongside the phenomenal voice of Sinatra, captures the pride and elegance of this beautiful city. There is something deep in the lyrics “If I can make it here, I ‘ll make it anywhere”. The motivation to succeed with the big heart this city has welcomes people from all around the world. The businesses that work 24 hours’ day and night, in the city that never sleeps, also tell a story of a small-town entrepreneur that is coming to look for a better life. The personal connection of his life, through the period he was growing and working and the affection for New York present credibility that no other performer could have done it. 

That is exactly why Sinatra, as a son of an immigrant, highly values and appreciates this city and its center - the fabulous Manhattan. The biggest admiration towards Manhattan comes from the two major baseball teams: The Mets and The Yankees. The Mets represent the class of people who are more of a working-class. They represent and have a major number of fans from areas like Queens, Long Island, and New Jersey. The Yankees, on the other side, are closely associated with Manhattan. So, since both teams come from the same city, the connection with Sinatra is more than obvious. However, the Yankees appreciate and love “New York, New York” so much that they play it after every single game they play at home, despite win or lose. 

Although his popularity in the music industry as well as among the women was enormous, “New York, New York” was his last big hit. And it still is. Even after so many years, the song brings some inexplicable emotion for the people. Its tune and lyrics are so unique and original that they instantly transfer your mind directly on to the streets of NY. And the voice of Sinatra? Deep, full of love for NY and warm. The heaviness the song brings has become a city anthem for New York. Every New Year, when thousands of people are gathered on Times Square, waiting for the ball to drop and announce the begging of the New Year, the first song that comes out from the speakers is just that one – “New York, New York”. With the voice of Sinatra, the crowd sways in the tunes while expressing their wishes for the best. And that is something priceless! All thanks to Sinatra and his excellent voice and love for New York. 

We at Bolinder Stockholm will always play Frank Sinatra on our playlist in our Stores.  For many reasons. The Voice. The Feeling. The Elegance. The 60ies. The Manhattan Square. The Sound and Spirit. The Childhood of Ulrika. 

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