The History of Bucket and Jet Set Bucket

The modern fashionistas and fashion influencers are aware of one up and rising luxury bag trend that you would never wish to miss; the bucket bag. The luxury hand bags have always been a craze of fashionable women, because they are not only functional and durable but are pure style statements boosting up your overall look. The most prominent features of bucket bags, that make it inspiring for every fashion lover, are the fact that they carry all your essentials with a perfect ease of a tote but carry a sophisticated and chic look.

What is the Bucket Bag?

As the name itself suggests, the bucket bag is inspired by the shape of a bucket. Just like a bucket can carry a lot of things without any hassle, a bucket bag is created to make the life of women easier with a fabulous style. A bucket bag has a round to oval bottom and an open bottom with a drawstring to close it. They are also available in backpacks and in many stunning designs and prints.

The great thing is that modern women can carry all the essentials in a bucket bag without worrying about the look and style. Breaking the norms of a traditional handbag style, a bucket bag is sensational to look at and highly stylish to carry.

What is the origin of Bucket Bags?

The simple yet elegant looking bucket has no clear origin though. In fact, the earliest buckets were called the pouches commonly used and documented in the 14th century. The drawstrings, of the classic pouches or the earliest bucket bags, were made of fabric and were usually attached to the waist than the handle. There is clear evidence that retro bucket bags or pouches were popular among women of the 18th century and the 19th century. That early form of bucket bag was more delicate and less practical though. This type of bag also passed through a process of evolution that lead to a more advanced, practical and functional kind. From past to present, we can clearly spot a more advanced and highly admirable; bucket bag. With the change of time and trends, the modern shape and style of jet-set bucket developed. The modern shape of the bucket is versatile and extremely eye-catching. It mostly features several style innovations and designs to suit your lifestyle.

The modern bucket bags started its real form from the champagne bottles’ bag produced by Louis Vuitton. This fabulous bag was designed to carry 5 bottles of champagne at a time safely.

In 1940, Vogue started featuring larger bucket bags and these bags were considered practical enough to be used in wartime. Till 1962, we could see many noticeable style innovations of this type of bag to make it luxury and high end for the use in a practically formal manner. Bonnie Cashin was the head designer of the modern inspirational bucket bags to carry many objects with ease. Hermes, however, was the first brand to launch the most modern type of bucket bags leading to jet set bucket.The recent type and usage of bucket bags have been inspired by the dynamic design Mansur Gavriel, who started with stylish leather bucket bags.

Why is the fashion world being obsessed by a cute, practical and catching handbag style called bucket bag this season?

There is a history to understand the roots of the craze making it evident that fresh sensational style ideas never go overlooked by fashionistas. In 2012, a top fashion brand founded by Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel launched a simple yet elegant bags style in three silhouettes; a pouch, a tote, and a bucket bag. All the styles got immense popularity because of the uniqueness of design and beauty, but the bucket bag style gained more fame than others. The bucket bag style received the most amount of buzz and we could see women rushing to the stores and buying this bag style. Many popular fashion influencers and bloggers flaunted their street style look with gorgeous bucket bags and jet-set buck styles.

The first bucket bag designed by Mansur Gavriel was named as Flamma. Very soon after the launch, the bag style became the hottest trend in the fashion world. The New Fashion Week 2013 reflected the height of the craze for bucket bags as to them it had become the most popular luxury handbag style spotted on the top models, fashion editors and inspirational bloggers such as Garance Dore. The topmost sensational celebrities such as Kirsten Dunset and Miranda Kerr also rocked the style. Although all the brand’s bucket bags were in three basic colors; tan, brick red and black, in the initial stages. The style got much appreciation as the street style stars could style them in countless perfect styles. The latest designers are working to upgrade the classic style of the bag with the enhancing features such as oversized pearls, vibrant colors and beads décor. The latest style and design innovation of our beloved bucket has approved it to last for longer rather forever. The modern bucket and jet set bucket styles are so stunning and eye-catching that you can find many to suit your personal style.

Why to Own Luxury Jet Set Bucket Bags?

Bucket bags are our true love as they give a great opportunity to fill our bags to the rim with all that is essential to carry. In the modern era, we have plenty of things to keep with us while stepping out of our homes; from electronic gadgets to makeup essentials and other accessories or credit cards. If you are about to travel to a long-distance, the necessity of a larger and spacious bag grows larger. In order to quench our thirst for highly stylish luxury bags with a unique style and plenty of space, we have a gorgeous jet set bucket.

Could the bucket bag be your next wardrobe staple accessories?

The answer is inevitable yes because the modern jet set bucket has all those qualities that you could always dream of in a luxury high-end bag. There are many designer bucket-bags that you can carry from a day out to an evening party without putting in much effort. From classic, soft and high-end designer bucket, with a delicate drawstring top, to a trendiest contemporary jet-set bucket, every single one is worth mentioning. The most noticeable quality of a bucket is the depth of it. Its depth is longer than width and length, leading to either an oval or vertical rectangular shape. It is the most interesting type of luxury bag that is suitable for traveling because it allows you to carry a lot of essentials with ease. If have yet to decide the size and style for your personality, you must select the one according to your lifestyle. If you need a bucket bag for the office than get the one with more formal silhouette, leather material, and basic colors. While shopping for a journey or fun day out, you can own the eye-catching, unique and fancier one. The number of items that you need on a daily basis will also help you decide for the right size.

The latest jet set bucket is ideal for modern fashionistas

Our own new Jet-Set bucket bag in the Bolinder Stockholm Product Line is inspired by the history of the Jet-Set bag. We are now part of it in our corner of the fashion World. Its a dot in the line of Jet-Set luxury bags with the touch of our own version of Everyday Elegance . We hope you like it. 

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