My Life as a Cheerleader

I’ve spent many hours as a cheerleader. Now don’t misunderstand, I don’t do acrobatic moves with Pom poms in a group. My group was usually not moving more than the hands clapping and the group where most parents but we were cheering for sure!I’ve been in several cheer parent groups. Soccer, tennis, horse shows, basketball, and swimming to name a few.

And I loved it. Loved being part of my children’s everyday life, loved how that made me know their friends and the high with success as well as the low with loss. I treasured the time spent in our car to and from practice and matches. With an extended family of more kids in the car. Some trips where longer and somewhere short but they all made us be present and with nothing else to do than talk. About everything and anything. Nowhere to go.

Just being together in the car. On the move.

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