Manhattan Square - the Bolinder Stockholm classic pattern

The Bolinder Stockholm Bags are immediately recognized by fashion lovers and leather bags fans across the globe due to the very significant pattern of hand-sewed stitches of a square that makes it... Bolinder Stockholm. The simplicity of the square is a part of the mission of elegance. The name of this pattern is The Manhattan Square.

You don't even need to know anything about handbags or women's fashion; an untrained eye can differ from any leather bag in the market by simply notice the bag for a split second. And make it unmistakenly aware of the Bolinder Bags Brand. This blog article about the Bolinder pattern examines the story behind "the Manhattan Square". 

If you are looking for an elegant handbag for everyday use: Why are the leather bags from Bolinder Stockholm the right choice for you?

 It all comes down to elegance. And in this concept are captured the need for order and functionality. Two concepts that normally are associated with practical issues only and relative low ingredients of elegance and flair. Bolinder Stockholm sees it differently. We cant create an elegant bag without thinking of the practical side first. If the bag fits the everyday need of a woman (or a man), the elegance will be the cream on top of the cake. It is the order that creates elegance. Elegance is not possible without the careful design of practical first. 

And the outside pattern is a result and designed for practicality. We are rarely close to never market ourselves as "Looking for a practical bag", but we have functionality and practicality in our DNA. The elegance we are so proud of in our effort to bring Everyday Elegance to the world of women is rooted in this. And what better symbol for this is the order created on Manhattan? It all fits together in our philosophy and the Manhattan Square pattern. 

 The background of Manhattan Square.

The Bolinder Stockholm signature pattern. Made by hand, the seams are a wink to New York in the sixties and the characteristic look of the city’s streets and avenues. Making it unmistakably Bolinder Stockholm. The pattern is a sign of order. Its simplicity to find the locations. In a handbag, you have the order to.

It's the essentials for a woman to have the life necessities in reach in her handbag. For your everyday elegance at work. For your everyday elegance in the Office. On your way to a meeting. A leather bag from Bolinder Stockholm is a part of you on a daily basis. Elegance is not an option for special occasions. Elegance is or should be the essentials in your everyday life. The bags from Bolinder Stockholm is only made for the woman who has reached the understanding of the importance of Elegance. Our brand is not for everyone. The Bolinder Bags are only worn by our ambassadors. Women who have passed the stage of maturity embrace Elegance as natural as air, water, food, and sex. 

The Manhattan Square pattern in New York

Manhattan in New York was originally designed in 1811 as a plan to provide development and sale of the land between 14th Street and Washington Heights in New York City. It was described as beauty, order, and convenience. Central Park was not part of the plan for Manhattan until 1850. The Bolinder Stockholm signature pattern, the Manhattan squares are made by hand. The seems are a wink to New York in the sixties and the characteristic look of the city's streets and avenues. Making it unmistakably Bolinder Stockholm.

A perfect bag for special occasions. What bag to wear for a wedding? Looking for a chic bag for a reception?

Yes. Of course. You have looked for this at some point in time. Special occasions have a need for elegance and luxury. For sure. But we see no reason why we shall not focus on the other days of the week. The Mondays to Fridays. The Everyday needs elegance and special bags too. This is the Bolinder Stockholm Leather bags core. You will find it among our selections of luxury bags. The bags are suitable for elegance at a party we have for you. The core of Bolinder Stockholm is Elegance. And the extension of Elegance is to live an elegant life with everyday elegance. Our handbags go hand in hand with our mission to bring timeless beauty for sustainability and quality.

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