Bolinder Stockholm open new Pop-up Store in Sturegallerian

Bolinder Stockholm has opened a store in the fashionable Sturegallerian in central Stockholm at Stureplan. All the elegant bags for a woman from Bolinder Stockholm alongside the selection of accessories of elegant leather goods are displayed in the heart of the Fashion Center of Scandinavia largest country Capital. Close to Sturehof and Hedengrens on the entrance from Stureplan, you will find all the wide selection of the classic Bolinder Stockholm Bags on our shelves. 

Welcome to feel and enjoy the selection and choose your favorite bag for the season in Bolinder Stockholm Store. Online shopping is a great tool. Feeling the real leather bags in your hand and look in the mirror and view them on your shoulder, in your hand or resting in a shoulder strap is an even better way to enjoy your shopping experience with elegance. And we might have a glass of cold champagne or the rich taste of espresso waiting for you on your special visit to us. Being a member of the Bolinder Bag Family buying your first bag shall be a memory. We hope our staff can bring you close to the Everyday Elegance you so well deserve. 

A short history of Sturegallerian

Stureplanen was the name granted in 1885 for the square that today is known to everyone in Stockholm (since 1932) as Stureplan. In the late 19th Century Stureplan began establishing itself as a classy meeting place for the elegant and affluent people in Stockholm. Hotel Anglais became a favorite haunt of writers and thespians, and the upper-class bustle increased, even more, when the classical department Store NK spent its first few years on Stureplan. NK opened in 1902 and before moving to its current location a little over a decade later, it introduced the people of Stockholm to the biggest selection of luxury goods under one roof any of the Nordic countries had experienced. The first gas light in Stockholm came up in 1924 at Stureplan.

Today Sturegallerian has taken its natural place as beeing the spot and epicenter of elegance and high-end fashion epicenter of Stockholm. With the pulse and location and restaurants and cafés, Sturegallerian has a  natural place for the Stockholm Quality seekers. For a Stockholmer "you meet at Svampen" is the most natural location for meeting up. The iconic "Mushroom"  just outside Sturegallerian entrance was erected in 1937. And since then it has been a location where people meet and it has also been a shelter for the rain on the Stureplan Square.  Yes. It's not as elegant as we would imagine. It could be located in the former USSR or on the East Side of the Berlin Wall during the Cold War. But it is iconic for the Stockholm Citizen. When Svampen was removed and taken down in 1988, the citizen's outcry made it come back the same year. 

Once you met your friend under Svampen, you can enjoy the inside shopping at Sturegallerian and the iconic restaurant Sturehof just next to Bolinder Stockholm. Sturehof has served food since it opened in 1902, is the second restaurant in the area opening after Riche further down Birger Jarlsgatan. After a great lunch before or after a visit to Bolinder Stockholm Flagship Store at the mall Sturegallerian, you can enjoy the Sturebadet facilities that have been a major part of Sturegallerian and the block around Stureplan since 1902. Sturebadet is well worth the visit and serves lunch as well. The Jugend style Pool was inaugurated in 1902 and designed by Sigge Comstedt. You find inspiration from the Moors by the architect Hjalmar Molin when you swim. The Sturebadet was devastated in a fire in 1985 but rebuilt for the pleasure of the active generation that today has membership in this fashionable club.

Outside Sturegallerian, when the Bolinder Stockholm Shop is closed you can enjoy the nightlife of Sturegallerian or Arnolds across the street. One of the safest place to find celebrities in Stockholm after midnight. 

To make the story short. Bolinder Stockholm Shop is at the Center of the high-end Sturegalleria Shopping Centre. The tradition that has made this area so well known for fashion and elegance is well known to the Stockholm Audience. Welcome to pay a visit to our Store! 

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