Our first half-year with Monty.

We’ve been dog owners for six months, and it’s strange to imagine how life was before he entered. It’s a joy far bigger than my expectations.

Cuddling of course but going out for walks is much more fun than I would have thought. It’s a social door opener for sure! Dog owners talk to each other and we now know more people/ dog owners in the neighbourhood than before. Well, we all seem to remember the names of the dogs and not so much the owners …

And we’ve lived in our house for twenty-four years. These walks are good in so many ways- being social, outdoor and healthy.

We play tennis regularly, I do yoga and other physical activities but I didn’t walk as much as I do now. Everyday. Workdays get better from even short walks. It’s energizing. Monty is eight months and we still need to make him not jump up on people and a lot of other issues but having him is true bliss.

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