How to Keep Your Handbag in Order?

So – you have just got home after a long tiring grocery shop tour. In your one arm, you have barely managed to hold together all the bags of your latest haul. With the other hand, you are rampaging around in your handbag to find keys to your apartment, but there is no luck! Or – perhaps you are out in the office, and you distinctly remember tossing in a very important receipt or a business card in your handbag just before leaving home. Now that you are at work and you need to get it out, it has successfully managed to get lost in the one million things you carry in your handbag! What would you do?

Women and disorganized handbag horror stories go hand in hand. While carrying around large oversized totes or bucket bags help you in carrying a ton of stuff around, keeping things in order inside these handbags is a real hassle. When you don’t get what you need from your handbag at the right moment, the purpose of carrying a huge handbag around a completely fails.

However – like everything under the sun, your handbag woes also have some handy solutions. It would help if you were a tad bit organized; try a couple of handbag organization hacks, and you are pretty much set.

Handbag Shopping – How to Determine the Ideal Size?

Before we get to the basics of keeping your handbag in order, let us first establish how to shop for the perfect handbag for you. Unless you are specifically looking for something short and sleek such as a clutch to go with a formal evening dress. It is usually a good idea to invest in a medium-sized handbag with one primary compartment and at least two side compartments or zippers. For everyday use, look for something that would close either with a zipper or magnetic clasp because bags such as totes, which don’t close properly are usually hard to manage.

While functionality and storage are the two biggest factors you should keep in mind when you go out on handbag shopping, structure and style should never be compromised upon. Handbags are an essential fashion accessory, and if not appropriately coordinated with your outfit, they would totally ruin your entire look.

Handbags with shoulder straps are usually easier to carry. They are practical in the sense that you can throw in a bunch of stuff and carrying it around won’t be a problem. Since you would be hanging it on your shoulders, your both hands would be free to hold other stuff or even shake hands with anyone you might bump into.

Ideally, a hobo, bucket, tote or a satchel bag would make for a perfect everyday bag for anyone from a student to a boss lady to a fashionista to a stay at home mommy. Mainly because these sorts of handbags have a lot of storage space, and usually you can insert organizers and dividers in them to maintain a sustainable order. Additionally, these bags have amazing exteriors and look chic and elegant with both jeans and dresses.

Handbag Hacks You Need to Try to Maintain an Order

Insert a mini key-holder

Did you know small key-holders that can easily be inserted inside your handbags are easily available in the market? Get one of those and fix it inside your bag to avoid losing your keys.

Compartmentalize Your Handbag

Handbag dividers are available in all shapes and sizes. Get one that would fit inside your handbag easily and use it to carry all your stuff, including a small mirror, lipstick, hairbrush and perfume. The best thing about these handbag dividers is that they can be taken out and inserted in other handbags as well. So any time you need to switch handbag, you can replace the dividers with already all your stuff in it.

Keep a Small Card Holder Inside

This would come handy to you, especially if you are a working lady. All your business contacts need to be in order in a cardholder which should always be inside your handbag.

Leave Space for Your Wallet

While you are busy organizing your handbag, make sure you leave enough space for your wallet inside. All your credit cards, personal belongings and cash should be inside your wallet, and your wallet should preferably be inside one of the compartments of your handbag.

Keep Your Side Compartments Tidy

The small side compartments of your handbag should be used for storing stuff that is tiny yet needed to be easily accessible like your subway card or coffee card.

Keeping things in a sustainable order is one of the fundamental keys to maintaining an elegant lifestyle. Use these handbag organization hacks to keep things elegant and tidy.

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