The Mini Bucket Bag – the bag that holds a lot of fashion history

Every fashion piece carries a specific fashion heritage. When it comes to the bags as part of the accessories department, many have a deep and fascinating history. Behind the appearance of every bag, there is some story that makes it more relatable and inspiring to the fashion world. Lots of the bags that are present on the fashion market today have an enormous fashionable value which makes them a luxury good. Modern and fresh adaptations of the bags are constantly changing in trends and styles. What is important is that the original shape and lines are always maintained the same. This is what defines a specific bag trend – the new and fresh take on the already known design.

One of the bags that has a fascinating history and is always popular is the bucket bag. On the first look, you can instantly see what we mean. Since the earliest ages, people used similar and look-a-like leather-like today’s modern bucket bag. Back then, it was used for keeping the coins. From then on, this leather pouch, that resulted in being very durable and easy to carry around, has grown into one of the most popular bag styles in modern fashion.

The early fashion history

The innovator of the modern bucket bag is the famous French brand, Louis Vuitton. Known for its impeccable collection of luggage and trunks, it introduced the bucket bag as part of the women’s accessory department. Up until 1932, this bag was never designed or manufactured to be a part of women’s’ daily and personal use. It was then when Gaston-Louis Vuitton, the grandson of Vuitton founder, who decided to create the so-called Noe utilitarian bag. This bag was used for carrying champagne, precisely with its practical purpose of not having the bottles smashing into each other. Having that in mind, today’s modern bucket bag has a rectangular base that, if you try, can hold up to five bottles of champagne. The drawstring closure on the top is what keeps the top of the bottles together without them breaking. Pretty interesting and unique history, no?

Modern fashion

The newer and modern fashion place the bucket in the category of bags that are prone to change depending on the change of trends. Last few years the mini bucket bag has seen not so bright days, but since last year, it has reappeared on the fashion spotlight. Many designers have decided to revamp its look, make it look fresher, more modern and cool, suitable for women of all ages. Its size has also played a great part in its popularity. The smaller ones are especially popular among, the younger girls and teenagers, while the bigger ones are considered as a stylish addition for the women. What is especially significant and worth mentioning is the popularity and presence of the bucket bag on the fashion runways during last year’s fashion shows which continued this year too. This, a bit of forgotten bag, is convenient and easy to carry around for those who are looking for something new and unique. Since it has such colourful and original history, this bag will certainly remain dominant and famous for many more years to come. As time passes, it will only gain in value and become an investment piece. However, the design, the line and the shape itself might not be suitable and for everyone, but those who like it will most certainly find a way how to show it off.

The Mini Bucket Bag

As mentioned above, the bucket bag’s size changed a lot during the years. What is now especially trending is its mini version. The timeless design of this bag comes in a smaller version than the regular one, which makes it suitable for women of different ages. The small bucket bag is portable and practical, yet its inside is big enough to keep all of your belonging in place. The handle that comes on top of it, going from one side to the other, makes the carrying in hand much more convenient. The privacy of the content inside the bag is well-kept with the drawstring leather closure. From the outside, the bag looks like a checkered canvas, only done by the most beautiful leather and stitching. The bottom is firm and keeps the definition of the bag intact and robust. The leather is durable and soft, which will make the entire experience of wearing the bucket bag much more pleasant.

The Mini Bucket Bag from Bolinder Stockholm comes in three colour options: black, grey and red. The quality and the stitching are impeccable, making all the ends and the handles firm and secure. The drawstring is also covered in leather, with the brands’ embossed detail on the front. There is also an additional longer strap that allows carrying over the shoulder and other styling options of this bucket bag. Adding some personal detail is always possible. Your bucket bag will get a new look if you wrap a scarf around the handle and make it look even more unique and fashionable. Fancy key chains and tassels are also a cool addition which will make it stand out. The more you personalize it, the more you will love it. As for the colour choice, always choose the one you like the best. The bag is supposed to stand out from your entire outfit, and its beauty should not be overshadowed by something else.

This is a bag that will most certainly find its place in your every life. It works great for casual day stylings and semi-formal night ones.

With the Bolinder Stockholm Mini Bucket Bag, you will own a fashion piece and accessory that will be your companion for many years to come.