The elegance of Positano makes me fall in love. Again.

My love for Italy started when I was 16 and went with interrail through Europe. Or that was the intention. The truth is that my friend and I took the train Stockholm-Paris and stayed a few days in Paris. Then we went to the French Riviera where we had high hopes of staying. I had never been there and was really looking forward to it. It rained. Bye-bye rain bye French Riviera. Hello Rimini and hello sun!

That’s when I fell in love with Italy, and the love remains. We stayed in Rimini for three weeks and had a lovely time!

I fell in love with the Italians natural sense of appreciating beauty.

They value everything esthetic. Food, vine, cars, architecture, paintings, clothes and people. Love. Life.

Since then, I’m always going back to soak up some inspiration. The best thing to do is just to sit at a restaurant or a coffee shop and inhale the surroundings.

Let me give you my colours of Italy from - Positano.

So Amazing Beautiful...

Positano and the Amalfi Coast are breathtaking with their dramatically steep cliffs combined with Italian charm.

Clashes between rugged post-war and present-day winding roads where wasps, older gentlemen of old, but stylishly matching Fiat cars and packed tourist buses still seem to have a place. I am and have been since my teens, in love with Italy.

Positano Bites Deep

Quoted by Steinbeck in magazine Harpers Bazaar from 1953.

"It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone. Its houses climb a hill so steep it would be a cliff except that stairs are cut in it... The small curving bay of unbelievably blue and green water lips gently on a beach of small pebbles."