Paris mon amour

My first impression of Paris was from watching the movie - An American in Paris (1951) with Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron as a child on TV. I still love the movie. The second one was the movie Aristocats by Disney with the jam session that breaks floors in a neighbourhood like old Montmartre. Very jazzy!

My first visit to Paris was when I was eighteen and wanted to learn better how to speak French. I had studied French in school but it was less talk- more grammar. Ever since then, I’ve had a more homie feeling about the city and there is still no city I’ve visited that is more romantic and more beautiful. Walking up and down any street in Paris is an architectural dream. So many beautiful facades and buildings. So much history. 

Since my first visit, there has been more. Here are some of the places I visited last time in January 2023.

Jardin de Luxembourg with the beautiful Palace de Luxembourg. It’s the most visited park in Paris. And there is a reason for it;-)

I like to visit Hermes shops because they are creative in their display, always with a twist, and because of the quality. Very inspiring! This time I had the opportunity to join in a workshop and make my little box with small leftover pieces of scarfs and leather. What a joy!

One of the lovely things, when you are in Paris, is of course to look at the bakery, the butcher and the fish shop. Especially if it’s partly outside the shop. Who doesn’t prefer buying dinner like that?

Eating and drinking well in Paris is of course not a problem. You don’t need to go to the more exclusive restaurants to enjoy food - Parisians know how to cook. Sitting in a bistro having a glass of wine and a Croque monsieur just doing my favourite sport - People watching, that’s the best Paris for me!

Ulrika Bolinder