6 reasons why I love the Cherry Blossom

Who doesn’t around the rose-scented breeze of spring that invigorates the senses and cleanses the mind free of all toxic thoughts and energies?

Cherry Blossom is indeed my most favourite time of the year; it is a time of rebirth and transformation.

As the trees and flower bushes welcome new leaves and petals, we humans can shed away all unhealthy habits and allow the roses of change to grow bold and vibrant.

It is a time of utter and devastating beauty.

Allow me to share some of the reasons why I simply love the Cherry Blossom:

A Time of Rebirth

Spring is a splendid time of rebirth, and Mother Nature is busy beautifying the earth with new shades and themes. It’s a remarkable season for change and transformation. One could go in for a splendid makeover, a new wardrobe, or even a drastically bold hair colour transformation.

A feast for the Senses

The arrival of Cherry Blossoms is indeed a feast for the senses. This invigorating sensory experience is as rewarding for the eyes, as it is for the nose. There’s nothing more splendid than being surrounded by pastel and vibrant pink florals.

Love is in the Air

It most certainly is! Spring has a dramatic flair for romance, and it is the perfect time of the year to plan romantic outdoor dates and unforgettable springtime getaways.

Picnics & Parties

The Japanese tradition of Hanami advocates the celebration of beauty, and it literally means “blossom viewing”. Around the 9th century, Japanese aristocrats introduced the concepts of Hanami parties under beautiful cherry blossom trees. Over the years, this ritual evolved and spread throughout the world. I adore the Cherry Blossom season because it’s a splendid time for outdoor festivities, fun picnics and parties filled with entertainment.

Appreciating Nature

According to Japanese cultures, these pastel pink blossoms are known as ‘Sakura’, and they are symbolic of spring, the season of renewal. I firmly believe that these delicate blooms and their exquisite petals can teach us a great deal about the laws of nature, and the nature of life. Their short-lived existence allows us to appreciate beauty, and then watch it disappear forever.

A Love for All Things PINK

Pink is not just a colour, it is, in fact, a state of mind. I adore watching this romantic and dreamy colour appear everywhere on trees and gardens. Spring is indeed a celebration of the colour pink, and the new dusty pink Mini Jetset Bag is the ultimate accessory to amplify your blossomy glam.

Stay Elegant, folks!